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I often say that I’ve grown up “alongside the internet”. Born in 1989, I’m old enough to know a world without the smart phone or social media, but young enough to experiment with new innovations as they became a part of daily life.

My generation grew up using Xanga, MySpace, AOL Instant Messenger and online message boards. That’s where I cut my teeth on content creation for the internet. I built relationships with people in video games and the early days of the social layer of the internet.

As I grew up I began to realize that a marketing career was the perfect blend of my passion for creative storytelling and my personal ambition for a successful career. I made the decision to learn everything I could about sales, marketing, social media and building a brand and started to apply it to the best of my ability.

Over time I’ve been fortunate to establish a network of incredibly talented and interesting people, and continually progress in my career as a marketer.

My passion for the work and others motivated me to start this podcast. While it was started as an experiment, it quickly evolved into my favorite platform for sharing my perspective and connecting with others today.

My mission is to help businesses get creative and creatives get business. The Strong Com Podcast is an expression of that.

“Com” is the root word that means “together, in common” and serves as the overall theme for each episode.

The idea is that strong communication and community builds stronger company, whether that’s the company you’re creating or the company that you keep.

My mission is to encourage, enrich, and empower you. To help you create the life and career you want by sharing what I’ve learned through personal experience and following the positive example others are setting.

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While I exercise a good sort of creative freedom on the podcast, here’s the main gist of what you’ll hear:

  • Strong Com Conversations with marketers and community builders

  • Solo episodes where I help you build brand or share my perspective on what’s happening within the industry

  • Occasional audio productions of poetry I’ve written myself

  • Q&A sessions, audio from presentations, and other content

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