A Marketing Degree Is Not Enough - but you are


This past Thursday I had the honor of being a returning speaker at the annual UT Tyler Career Success Conference.

Dozens of local leaders and UT Tyler alumni spend a day networking with students and sharing personal experience that could help students experience similar career success.

This year I had the goal of connecting specifically with the next ( generation of marketers to help equip them with the skills necessary to become a valuable asset to the companies they apply to, the communities they hope to lead, and the profession as a whole.

This podcast is the full audio from my session of the day with all my “ums” edited out. :)

This talk covers a lot of ground so I’m probably going to follow this episode up with deeper dives into each of the power point slides in later episodes.

If this is your first visit to the “Strong Com” experience, welcome!

I’m here to help businesses get creative and creatives get business.

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