Get to Know "Yo", the CEO of WorkHub


The podcast is back with an awesome conversation with my friend Yaziri Orrostieta, or “Yo” for short.

She’s the CEO of WorkHub, a co-working space in Tyler as well as a former VP of Marketing for Heritage Land Bank and if that wasn’t enough, she also manages an expanding real estate portfolio with properties around East Texas.

In this episode, we chat about her professional background before diving into her perspective of the “COM” (Communication, Community, & Company) in her day to day work.

Her career success and wide-ranging experience will benefit any marketing professional or business owner looking to infuse a greater sense of hospitality and heart into their operations.

She also answers “The Village Question”, a question I will be asking every guest from here on out:

“If you were building a village, and only had 4 signs to point in 4 directions to attract people to your village, what 4 values or principles would you put on them?”

I encourage you to check out WorkHub if you’re in the area and give her a follow at @yotheceo

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